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2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 2.5 S sedan

All going to die and the sun today would like to take a moment every time it should be one of the vehicles we have in our new inventory this is a 2013 Nissan Altima. Obviously this vehicle has been a highly anticipated by simply 3 work from the ground[…] Read More →

2006 Toyota Corolla S Meticulous Motors

Good afternoon you 2 beers Nick for meticulous motors today and here for sale is a gorgeous perfect condition one owner no accident. 2006 Toyota corolla S model supporter sedan gets unprecedented gas mileage around 35 miles a gallon on the highway and this one is just absolutely stunning. Near[…] Read More →

Nissan Rogue – Led switchback turn signals – Hid lights

2011 Nissan roads back up here to get more work done where to start off up front we replaced the Nissan Rogue automatic headlights. Customer brought his own headlights. And have the black housing. Remove the front bumper. Replaced the headlights. And on our end we added the. A Saudi[…] Read More →

Injectors – the faults and their repair

Clean injectors can guarantee the high performance of the engine, fuel economy and purity of exhausts. Even a small contamination of injector has a significant effect on the above-mentioned characteristics. The contamination instantly reduces the injected fuel dose and disrupts the shape of cloud, sprayed in combustion chamber of the[…] Read More →

Nissan is developing a new power plant on bioethanol.

The company Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. announces research in the field of power plants and development of systems based on SOFC type fuel cells (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell), running on bio-ethanol. This system is the first in all the automotive industry, includes the generator SOFC with a fuel cell e-Bio[…] Read More →

Mitsubishi Group has released the electric truck.

Car maker Mitsubishi released a new truck that runs on electric. E-Cell model is designed on the basis of the popular Canter truck. In recent years, car manufacturers are increasingly producing electric models. Interest in new technology is due to the fact that its use eliminates the presence of harmful[…] Read More →