Nissan Rogue – Led switchback turn signals – Hid lights

2011 Nissan roads back up here to get more work done where to start off up front we replaced the Nissan Rogue automatic headlights. Customer brought his own headlights. And have the black housing. Remove the front bumper. Replaced the headlights. And on our end we added the. A Saudi lights. L. leading switch back turn signals. The hazards to get the. It’s back to go back and forth. LED switchbacks. Go from white. The golden amber the original. Gold in color. Next thing we did was the security system remote start the auto page. RS730 Colored remote. Lock unlock remote start full featured alarm. But. So here we have a lot. Lock the doors Unlock We Remote started Starkey one time remote whistles. The engine cranks. Vehicle face turned on.

Nissan RogueFor 20 minutes after 20 minutes. It’ll shut down. To go along with. The alarm system we added LED golden scanners. In the 2 pillars. Shut down the engine by him the Starkey again. Shut that down. LED scanners can be added to any aftermarket alarm system. They will activate during remote star they will also activate when the alarm system is active so we when we hit lock. Scanners activate. Then I’ll start moving. Now on the inside. Nissan Rogue automatic headlights view link. We added a backup camera. To the Sony double DIN we had previously installed.

So now Turn on the ignition. Wait for it by our own while the powers that. This is the alarm system that was installed auto page are at 730 AThe new model. Okay, The vehicle in. Reverse back up camera turns on all by itself. And this one here will show you. The lines. That indicates how far away you are. From. Whatever your back into. Once we put dean vehicle into dry and. Goes away. Reverse activate scene. I don’t Parking assist clients come on automatically. Mark it up goes away. And this one is ready to go we can get your ride work down next give us a call 214-320-5500. Car audio window tint. Alarm systems keyless entry remote starters. HID in LED lighting. Got it all in stock 214-320-5500. And see you guys on the next one.

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