Nissan is developing a new power plant on bioethanol.

nissan QashqaiThe company Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. announces research in the field of power plants and development of systems based on SOFC type fuel cells (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell), running on bio-ethanol.

This system is the first in all the automotive industry, includes the generator SOFC with a fuel cell e-Bio Fuel-Cell. SOFC – is fuel cell, which is used for power generation reaction of a plurality of different fuels, including ethanol and natural gas, with oxygen.

These new technology used in generators as well as in Qashqai xenon headlights have very high efficiency.
Elements of e-Bio Fuel-Cell generated electric power in the SOFC generator of bio-ethanol, poured into the vehicle’s fuel tank. e-Bio Fuel-Cell of fuel through the reformer hydrogen was isolated, which by reaction with atmospheric oxygen to form an electrochemical reaction which produces the output electric energy capable of electric drive in motion. Unlike traditional systems, e-Bio Fuel-Cell SOFC uses as a power source, wherein high efficiency.

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