Injectors – the faults and their repair

InjectorClean injectors can guarantee the high performance of the engine, fuel economy and purity of exhausts. Even a small contamination of injector has a significant effect on the above-mentioned characteristics. The contamination instantly reduces the injected fuel dose and disrupts the shape of cloud, sprayed in combustion chamber of the fuel-air mixture. The modern car electronic systems can reduce the effect of contaminated injectors. However, it’s just the treatment of the symptoms; the cause of the disease remains.

You should clean the injectors at the first signs of their contamination: unsure ignition, uneven engine work, “stumblings” when clicking on the gas pedal, power loss, excessive level of hydrocarbons (СН) and carbon monoxide (СО) in the exhaust. Contaminated injectors of turbocharged engines can lead to resonating detonations and serious damages of the engine.

The cleaning of injectors inside the engine is the easiest way out, as their dismantling (especially in the latest models) can represent a significant problem.

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