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2006 Toyota CorollaGood afternoon you 2 beers Nick for meticulous motors today and here for sale is a gorgeous perfect condition one owner no accident. 2006 Toyota corolla S model supporter sedan gets unprecedented gas mileage around 35 miles a gallon on the highway and this one is just absolutely stunning. Near perfect condition minor dings is all this car has. Taking away from. Affection and it has like new tires fusion tires on the back in brand new. Tires on the. Alloy wheels all the way around front disc brakes. Has a 1.84 cylinder VVT I. Toyota engine very expensive optima battery. Beautiful clean and clear headlights ground effects package Fog lights. Super good lights provide new HID 2006 Toyota Сorolla headlight. This girl literally has it all so if you’re looking for corolla and you want a little bit more style and. That race see feel and you don’t want to feel like it’s just a basic commuter car you definitely want to go with the S model and this one definitely pleases anybody. With the way it looks and the way it drives.

Power windows locks and mirrors. Original owners manual with iPod connectivity aftermarket pine your radio with Bluetooth XM all the bells and whistles. You have your clock appear ice cold they see. You door storage compartments here both of those work really well usually they’re broken but this one there. They’re nice and like new you have your little remote down there for the stereo comes at the CD player. There’s the Bluetooth speaker up there. Yep your dual vanity mirrors. And sun visors this is a smoke and pet free interior interior still like brand new I mean this only being one owner vehicle on right at 100000 miles even. This car still retains that like the new look in. Feel and smell actually. Funny popped the trunk. But the ground effects package is really where. Sets this car off a little rough on the trunk mat there just from I guess a lot of storage in but other than that it’s very clean as you can see this blue sparkle and the pain it’s just absolutely stunning it looks great against the blue has the third brake light in the spoiler the S model. And it has all the ground. Package. For the side skirts in front and rear lower chin spoilers.

There’s a power were mere option it does have security. Cruise control. No warning lights on the dash. Absolutely 0 percent perfect turnkey car ride drive anywhere all the fluids are perfect everything is perfect on the vehicle. Right over 100000 miles and it’s a scorcher today employer at 97 degrees. NQA. Wraps up very nicely. No problems there at all. But. Kerr’s throughout the. Throughout the car so you get a very crisp quality San. Get your power outlet here nice chrome. Bezel around the shifter and then you have grown hand. Here everything’s 100. Working everything’s perfect. Ve seen it you know where to find it. Meticulous motors Inc.com that’s where this beautiful 2006 Toyota corolla tight Is located please rate and subscribe buried YouTube channel like or comment on any of our videos because your feedback is much appreciated I wanna they’ve taken the time to watch this video today and we will see you next time.

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